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20th Street Extension Improvements Project

May 3 @ 2:00 pm

RMCI, INC. will be bidding the following project as a General Contractor and asks that your firm provide us a material and/or labor quote:


DESCRIPTION: The summary of work is as follows, but is not limited to the following:

Roadway Construction:

20th Street (Trinity Drive south to a new cul-de-sac)

Construction includes new asphalt pavement surfacing with geo-fabric, new concrete flatwork,

new lighting and data communication conduit. Concrete work includes curb and gutter,

sidewalks, ADA ramps, valley gutters, drive pad and new storm drainage structures and storm

drains. Lighting will include electrical conduit, electric lines, wiring and light poles and new light

pole bases. Design and installation of new landscaping which included installation of new

irrigation lines and sleeves. Also included is the work is the placement of new permanent

signage and striping along the roadway.

Utility Construction Work:

Scope of Work includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Including, but not limited to, the installation per the Project Plan Drawings and

Specifications of gas, water, and sanitary sewer utilities supplemental to the

development of the 20th Street Extension corridor infrastructure. Contractor shall

observe all OSHA safety rules and requirements, and have on site, at all times, an

OSHA-certified “competent person” to oversee all safety practices and procedures.

  1. Sanitary Sewer system construction:

Install four (4) new 48” pre-cast concrete manholes and 700 lf. 8” SDR-35 SAS

pipe. Existing SAS system shall remain in service while new system is constructed

in parallel. Maintaining service may entail by-pass pumping, hold-and-pump, or a

combination of the two. Reconnection for the new SAS system to existing

manholes will require demolition and reconstruction of the inverts and penetration.

Additionally, new 4” SDR-35 SAS service lines shall be tapped into new 8” SAS

main and installed to each new parcel, with a 4” single-sweep, capped cleanout at

the lowest elevation of the property line.

Sanitary Sewer lines require 5psi pressure tests per LAC Department of Public

Utilities (DPU) requirements.

Domestic Water system construction:

Install 870 lf. 8” C-900 or ductile-iron pipe water main, including fittings and

restraints required by AWWA specifications. System includes 4ea. 8” valves and

2ea. 6” fire hydrants with associated control valve and ductile-iron pipe.

There will be two (2) connections to existing live system, one being in Trinity Dr.

(NM502) on the existing 8” cast-iron pipe, the other being on the 6” cast-iron (verify)

pipe feeding the fire hydrant on the adjacent property to the west (LAPS admin

building). Connections may be accomplished either by live-system pressure tap

methods, or by conventional shut-down and installation of tee-fitting.

The west side of the project does include the crossing of the LAC Electrical utilities

main duct bank, with a depth of approximately 48”. A clearance under the ductbank

of 12” is required. The depth of the crossing under the duct-bank will require a

short section of trench approximately 72” deep to account for the required 4” of


Additionally, there are four (4) double-meter service cans (vaults) in the project, fed

by approximately 115 lf. 1.5” PEX water service pipe. Meter pit assemblies shall be

per the construction details (1” x ¾” meter setters with service splitter).

All water system installations must be disinfected, flushed and pressure-tested per

AWWA and LAC Dept. of Public Utilities (DPU) specifications. All tracer-wire shall

be tested prior to approval for water system operation BY THE CONTRACTOR with

inspection by LAC DPU.

  1. Gas system construction:

Install 725 lf. 4” MDPE gas pipe (joint trench per construction details is acceptable),

with two (2) connections to existing, one in Trinity Dr., and one on the adjacent

property (in easement) to the east. One existing service will need to be relocated

on the east side (the service to RPM Automotive). The gas main will require the

installation of two (2) new 4” MDPE valves.

Additionally, there will be three (3) 1” MDPE service taps running together with the

water service lines, splitting into two (2) ¾” MDPE service lines around the water

meter cans.

All gas system construction shall include coordinated pressure-testing per LAC DPU

specifications and procedures prior to connection to LAC live gas system.

  1. Materials and equipment testing to verify compliance with specifications and

applicable standards, as well as manufacturer’s recommendations.

  1. Mobilization and demobilization.

vii. Equipment, materials, labor, supervision, inspection, regulatory compliance,

customer communication, and coordination with owner, as necessary for minimizing

the impact of this project upon the normal activities in the neighborhood, pedestrian

and vehicular access to all residences, water and gas supply services.

viii. Equipment, materials, labor, supervision and coordination with regulatory agencies

and owner, for the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) creation and its

maintenance throughout the project construction period.

  1. Electric Distribution system construction:

Install 6” and 4” schedule 40 conduit according to detail sheet 11-11. Intercept

existing manholes and switches and install new electric 4’x4’x4’ pull box.

Additionally, Install new 6’x7’x8’ electric manhole. Conduit penetrations in the

manhole shall be perpendicular to the vault wall and grouted with concrete.

Install duct end fillings as specified.

PLEASE SUPPLY QUOTE BY: 5/02/2017 @ 5:00 PM

RMCI, INC. is an equal opportunity employer and encourages a response from 8A, Small Business, Small Disadvantage Business, Women-Owned, HUBZONE, Minority, Veteran, or Service Disabled participant

For questions regarding this project contact Steve Duffy at (505) 345-0008 or sduffy@rmciinc.com


May 3
2:00 pm
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