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Here at RMCI, we take our hiring process seriously. Unlike most companies, we believe in helping you grow your skills. We will help you grow in this industry if you are willing and that’s why we really focus on our company culture above all else. 









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At RMCI we truly care about everyone like family that’s why we have one of the most competitive benefits packages for you. Below is a list of benefits we have to offer. 

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Brian Lansford
Brian Lansford

Employee Testimonial

I have been employed by RMCI for just shy of 30 years. I have been a superintendent on too many projects to mention and in too many places to remember. RMCI has always allowed and expected me to run jobs in a manner that gains the trust and respect of fellow employees, engineers, architects and owners. This is just one of the reasons I have stuck around so long.

Eddie Strength
Eddie Strength

Employee Testimonial

I joined RMCI on October 31st, 2018 as a Foreman. In my position, each day presents a new challenge and learning opportunity. All the challenges become opportunities as I work with a bunch of talented people with an amazing passion for work and an energy that is infectious. RMCI is a great place to work and strives for a friendly, team-oriented environment, they are sensitive to balancing work and personal time, and is always ready to provide assistance or education to help you learn new skills. Most of our Leaders know you by name, no one at RMCI ever had the feeling of being “just a number” like in other Big Organizations.
On May 5th, 2020 I moved into the office in a new position as an Estimator. I feel the camaraderie in the office between all levels of employees, which creates an energetic work environment where one can easily create and share new ideas. This provides a wonderful family and community feel. This was proven to me in 2021 when I had to deal with cancer. I am clear now but during this time RMCI as a Company and a Family stuck by my side with no questions asked. RMCI went FAR & ABOVE anything me or my family could have ever imagined!
Our successes, milestones, and achievements are consistently recognized. It is gratifying when you are able to help your employees step up in life by providing learning & development opportunities and nurturing them to be the best they can be. Opportunities are limitless. if you are ambitious.
Coming to work every day has been easy and enjoyable because it's not like coming to work it's like coming to see your extended family. I am excited to see what the future holds for me within RMCI and just RMCI itself!

Monique Villescas
Monique Villescas

Employee Testimonial

I love working here at RMCI, the people and environment are very calm and they are all very dedicated to their jobs, and hardworking people whom are very understanding. It is like we are one big family. RMCI treats their employees like people and not another employee they care about you as a person. I am front desk administrative assistant; so, I mainly answer phones however I do enjoy helping my other coworkers when they need help with certain tasks. I am definitely looking towards staying with RMCI for a long time.

Alek Herrick
Alek Herrick

Employee Testimonial

I have been here at RMCI as a PE for only four months, coming from a completely different background in construction.

From the start, RMCI has made clear some of the core values, and the one that sticks out most is to be self-motivated. No one is micromanaging, and everyone is there to lend a hand if you need help.

RMCI has also given me the ability to take care of the health of myself and my family by having a flexible work schedule. Some mornings start with a mountain bike ride at sunrise, followed by a slightly later start at work.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will not need to call and check on your application. It will get sent to our hiring manager, and if we are hiring and you are qualified, they will call you.

We keep applications for 3 months. After 3 months, you will need to apply again.

Because we have federal contracts, we cannot hire anyone who cannot pass a pre-hire drug screen.



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