SWRP Power Loop A & B Design
Client: Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority

The work consists of the construction of new FIS-B Electrical Building housing a new 15 kV, arc-resistant lineup. The 12.47 kV loop distribution system will be modified from the Generator Switching Station (GSS) to the 5th Ave Switching Station, including the existing FIS-A Switchgear and the 15KV Switching Station as shown on the Drawings. Portions of existing duct banks will be reused and new duct banks installed. Pad mount switches will be installed at each modified Switching Station. Miscellaneous site improvements include pavement replacement, a newly paved roadway to the FIS buildings, and the installation of a packaged sump pump station. Also included is the salvage and recycling of existing FIS and all medium voltage cables, including ground conductors.

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