Tsankawi Chlorination Bldg. and WP Main Replacement NM4 and E. Jemez Rd
Client: Los Alamos County

The project consists of the installation of a new pre-fabricated concrete building to house on-site chlorine generation equipment including a water softener, brine tank, storage tank, chemical feed pumps, and rectifier. It also includes installing approximately 300-lineal feet of new 16-inch ductile iron waterline, crossing NM-4 utilizing jack and bore construction methods with a 42-inch steel casing, 2” chlorine feed line, and extending a 2” waterline to the new building. Electrical to include recent power service drop, panelboards, power meter, transformer, and instrumentation and controls. HVAC to have a mini-split system.
The NM4 waterline work includes installing 1860-lf of 16 DIP and connecting to the existing concrete cylinder line, and asphalt pavement removal and replacement

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