Wastewater Treatment Plant #2 Solids Handling Improvements Project
Client: City of Rio Rancho

In wastewater treatment facilities, dewatering is a critical process to remove excess water from sludge, reducing its volume and making it easier and more cost-effective to transport and dispose of. As with any industrial process, equipment and infrastructure must be regularly maintained and upgraded to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Recently, a project was undertaken to upgrade the dewatering area of a wastewater treatment facility. The project consisted of several components, each designed to improve the performance and functionality of the dewatering process.

Firstly, a new belt filter press was installed, along with a control panel to regulate its operation. Additionally, a polymer feed system and storage were implemented to optimize the sludge dewatering process. DIP (dry installed pump) sludge feed piping was also installed to ensure a steady flow of sludge to the dewatering area.

The project also included a rehabilitation of the office area, bringing it up to modern standards and ensuring a comfortable working environment for staff. As part of the dewatering area upgrade, the bottom 7’-4” of the area was replaced with CMU (concrete masonry unit) and EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system) for improved durability and stability.

Furthermore, electrical and mechanical upgrades were made to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the dewatering process. Finally, the dewatering area’s floor coatings were improved to provide a cleaner, more hygienic, and safer working environment for staff.

In summary, this upgrade project brought several significant improvements to the wastewater treatment facility’s dewatering process, including new equipment, improved infrastructure, and a more comfortable and efficient workspace. By investing in regular upgrades and maintenance, facilities can ensure that they are operating at peak performance and maintaining the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

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